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Advantages of being in our network.
  • Leads You Want: You choose the size and scope of the jobs you're interested in. There is no wasted money on advertising that may or may not generate leads.

  • Increased New Business: If your company is committed to high standards, then West Michigan Contractor Connection can help build your client base. We believe in providing excellent customer service, and will assist you with follow-up procedures to ensure you get repeat business.

  • Save Time and Money: Our company has a strong marketing and advertising background. We know how to generate the leads. That means that you can concentrate on other aspects of your business while having an outsourced sales and marketing force at work for you. You only pay for jobs that have been secured and paid and the commission is a sales and marketing expense and therefore, IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
  • Increased Exposure: We market our referral service to homeowners, rental property owners, property managers, and business owners via newspaper advertising, direct mail, brochures, real estate agents, our website, and various industry-related networking programs.
  • We Only Refer Quality Professionals: Our contractors must pass a rigorous screening process and demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship and a commitment to customer satisfaction. That means that contractors who are referred by West Michigan Contractor Connection are some of the best in their respective fields, which will reinforce your company's valued reputation.

  • Our Commission: Best of all, West Michigan Contractor Connection does not receive payment until the contractors have been paid by the customer. This means that West Michigan Contractor Connection has a vested interest in finding you qualified leads and landing the jobs. Commissions are pre-negotiated with the president/owner of the company so that you can remain competitive with industry standards.

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